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Greetings Video Bloggers & Entrepreneurs,

Did you know online search stats show that more than 50%+ of online videos are watched via mobile phones?

It is quite remarkable how inexpensive marketing your business and ideas has become in this internet age of quick searchable information and videos.
Those who choose to leverage this new media paradigm soon learn that the vast outreach and benefits rendering old school marketing methodologies and strategies ineffective in comparison.

Video Presentations ~ What Are The Benefits?

We specialize in short effective custom HD video productions in the context of marketing for commercial use and or other personal presentations.
Online or offline video presentations are a very popular and inviting way to draw attention to your business and marketing campaigns or other services.
Whether you wish to produce a visual Instructional learning guide, or selling a Real Estate property tour, everyone can benefit from a custom branded video.
Many retail establishments have adopted a visual menu presentation where product pricing can be easily updated more effectively and less costly.
Custom produced videos can also serve a more personal purpose in the form of a memorial presentation.
The benefits are bounty-full as well as it’s applications!


Most Common Questions?

People looking for custom video presentations ask these common questions?

Q: What do I need to produce a custom video presentation other than video footage?
A: You need a video camera or recording device.

Depending on the circumstances or purpose of your presentation, we leave the video capture option to the client.
You can choose to use a quality recording device, or in some cases clients also provide us with ZOOM or mobile captures.
With todays mobiles, you can pretty much capture high definition quality video recordings instantly which if done well is equally effective for production.
TIP: When recording with mobile always turn your cell horizontally to capture full 16:9 ratio widescreen. Also consider using a tripod if possible for steady capture.

How do I share my raw video file for editing?

For video production services, you will then UPLOAD your digital video (.MP4) file to our DropBox or whatever platform you wish to use for file sharing.

Video Production & Editing:

Your raw video will be edited to include whatever storyline or format outlined as per your presentation requirements. This can include stills, animation, visual effects and video clips combined.

What are the benefits of producing a branded custom video?

The internet has provided everyone especially businesses, the benefit of reaching your target audience anywhere in the world instantly 24/7.
If you are producing video for retail purposes the savings are immeasurable and much less expensive to maintain.
Visual tutorials are increasingly being used for a myriad of useful purposes from learning tutorials, to capturing a special occasion.

What will it cost?

Depending on video timeline and presentation content, we can produce a short 3-5min video for as low as $500


We specialize in Custom Branding HD Videos which you can be ultimately publish to your YouTube, Rumble, Vimeo or any other online Social Media type platform!

This short list below outlines some of our video production services we offer :
  • Custom In-Store Menus
  • Video Advertisements
  • Online Services & Products
  • Social Media Branding
  • Novelty Video Gift
  • Memorial Videos
  • Visual Learning Tutorials
  • Aerial Drone Captures

Send us your video request info below and we will quickly give you a cost estimate on producing your next blockbuster online video presentation!

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